Family history

If you know little of the origins of your family, the Time Sleuths can get you started on the journey of discovery. What are your British or European roots? Is there any truth in that family story? Do you or any of your grandparents have unusual family names? Did your great-grandfathers have to fight in the War to End All Wars? Discover tinkers, tailors, soldiers, sailors, gentry, paupers, costermongers, bakers, farm labourers, empire builders, families fleeing persecution, immigrés, émigrés, Majors, miners, lawyers and sawyers. Uncover the social and economic environment in which your ancestors lived and learn about yourself in the process. It’s a fascinating journey.

If you are a seasoned family historian but have hit that brick wall or would like a fresh approach to an aspect of your family tree, please let us know. Thorough and reliable, we can give you the benefit of years of experience in all areas, such as military service, adoption, emigration and immigration, wills, divorce, crime, illegitimacy, poverty, land, aristocracy and religion. Immigration to London and the great movements of people from Eastern Europe are particular favourites.

In addition to our network of professionals worldwide, we have full access to all the subscription-only websites as well as the main London repositories such as the National Archives, the British Library, the Society of Genealogists library, the London Family History Centre and the London Metropolitan Archives.

Corporate work

In addition to assisting law firms and probate companies with the tracing of potential beneficiaries of estates, we also carry out research on behalf of companies, banks, insurers and the media.