about us

About us

The Time Sleuths are a worldwide network of professional genealogists and researchers run by Mark Daly, a former lawyer and professional translator with over 20 years’ experience in researching family history. Mark is passionate about history and particularly the importance of discovering one’s roots:

“I started researching my own roots in 1993, not expecting to find much. Little had been passed down but I started scratching the surface and soon found a wealth of interesting characters – a Colonel in the Honourable East India Company, a nun who went off to California with the Gold Rush and who is now the subject of a local ghost tour, a famous Victorian poisoner who had his own waxwork in Madame Tussaud’s (not a blood relative, thankfully!) and ancestors who were in the same workhouse as Charlie Chaplin. I also gained a real understanding of where I came from, a very grounding experience which has allowed me to have a deeper, more personal connection with places all around the world as well as with events in history. I cannot recommend it strongly enough, both for yourself and for those who will come after you – record it now while the stories are there!”