We are the Time Sleuths!

With a passion for the past, we are here to help you discover your roots, solve historical puzzles and research events and places. We act for individuals, corporates, law firms and probate companies…and we love a mystery!

If you are intrigued about your roots but have never started the search or have been researching for years but have hit that brick wall, we can help, whether it is London, British, European or US ancestors. We can research the history of your house and its origins. We also offer gift tokens if you are looking for an unusual gift for a special birthday, wedding, naming ceremony or anniversary.

For corporate and media clients, we offer a range of research services including locating beneficiaries and researching the history of commercial sites for marketing purposes.

We are based in London with access to the main UK archives but specialise in research worldwide, especially continental Europe, overcoming language barriers and cultural differences.

Please get in touch…and set us a challenge!